Home of the Best Deferred Annuities

1. Safety of Principal.

2. Your account value is guaranteed.

3. Your interest rate is guaranteed.

4. Your account growth is Tax Deferred.

5. No sales charges nor annual fees.

6. Frees you of the concern of other investments that fluctuate in value.

7. Upon death your Beneficiary receives the account value without having to go through Probate.

8. Benefits escape Probate and public exposure.

Our Promise
to You is:

To be principled in all we do

To be committed and genuine

To strive for excellence

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For over 65 years, Isquick has provided
tax-deferred saving plans that guarantee
both your principal and your interest earnings!

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide our clients with the safest and
most secure products that will grow tax-deferred until needed.
We provide peace of mind!