For over twenty-five years, my family and I have put away money in retirement savings plans with Isquick Annuities.  I’ve known Scott Isquick for over forty years and trust his suggestions for the money I save.


When I retired, I thought I would diversify and invest my 401(k) account “in the market” with another representative.  When that account lost more than one quarter of its value in two months, I took Scott’s advice to transfer my money to a guaranteed, fixed account that does not lose value.


I am able to rest easy knowing our money is earning a good rate of interest.  My money will be there when I want to use it.



                                                                                      Braxter Baskerville, Jr.

                                                                                      Isquick Annuities client since 1984




Dear Joni,


I appreciate your letter of June 21.  It was thoughtful of you to send it.  It has been a comfort to me knowing my money is in good hands.


Your attention to my financial affairs over the years is, indeed, greatly appreciated.  My family, to which you refer, is located in Idaho, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky and the Netherlands. Each will benefit from your services when I shuffle off this mortal coil.


My thanks for the personal touch you have given our association.  Hope you are enjoying the summer.



                                                                        Loyal Cornelius

                                                                        Isquick Annuities client since 1983





As a middle-aged widow, I had no financial advisor.  I established a non-qualified annuity with Isquick Annuities, Inc.  I am not a gambler, I bet only on a sure deal – boy, was I right!  During the many years of happy association I gained deep trust in the Company’s management, wise, prudent steps in any changes.  It gave me peace of mind, watching the money grow.


During the recent, on-going upheaval in finances, my son, who will execute my will, asked me how much I had lost.  “Lost what?  Every dollar I put in the annuity is there, and then some, and then some!” I answered.  (Taught a young fellow a lesson!)


The cherry on top of the cake:  the immediate availability of the friendly, knowledgeable personnel is a rarity nowadays; it is like calling friends.



                                                                                       Judy Wallace

                                                                                      Isquick Annuities client since 1982





Just a few words to express my gratitude and admiration for “Isquick Annuities, Inc.  It has been the smartest thing I did in this decade!  I respect their professionalism, and good common sense, especially the person to person customer service.  I have no email or website access because I live in the foot-hills of the Rockies.  My cell phone doesn’t even work here!  Therefore, I appreciate being able to communicate personally, through an anonymous network.  Please keep your individual help and continued success.



                                                                                      David Zauder

                                                                                      Isquick Annuities client since 1983